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15-Aug-2017 03:26

Shipwreck porcelain and pottery, Jingdezhen porcelain and pottery is our speciality and you can be assured that all our shipwreck pottery and antique Chinese porcelain is genuinely old and historically valuable.

Antique Chinese porcelain, Ming dynasty pottery and shipwrecks is our passion.

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We offer Jingdezhen porcelain and blue and white porcelain from shipwreck porcelain and pottery.

You will be buying directly from a team of dedicated researchers that excavated, recovered and researched every single piece offered for sale.

If you are not satisfied with our artifacts, delivery service or; if you obtain an expert opinion that our artifacts are not as old as stated by us, just return the item inside 10 days from receipt and we will give you full refund.

Antiques as well as Kraak porcelain, Chinese porcelain, celadon and other antique ceramics are thus our expertise and also what Nanhai Marine Archaeology and our chief researched: sten Sjostrand are best known for.

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As such, we are known to do proper research based on detailed archaeology about antique Chinese porcelain, celadon, pottery & ceramics from Ming dynasty ships.Our findings lead to the discovery and excavation of ten Sung, Ming and Qing dynasty shipwrecks in the South China Sea.

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