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This enables an external robot to perform login/logout, pause/unpause, hangup, monitor calls and other PBX oriented actions by simply calling a set of JSON RPC.

The Flantel wallboard - Version 1.1 This is the original script, and a QM users' all-time favourite. It provides a simple wallboard to view you QM data in real-time.

Here is a list of solutions to common problems encountered when running Queue Metrics.

For complete information on how to set up Queue Metrics, please consult the User manuals.

In order to do this, you need to edit the file WEB-INF/tpf.properties and change the line that says: As an alternative, you may want to install the old My SQL Connector/J driver manually; in this case, it is enough to dowload it from the official site and add the JAR to the WEB-INF/lib folder in Queue Metrics, and then restart (but you will have to do it manually on every install).

The current version of Queue Metrics depends on Java 1.8.

Queue Metrics 17.x implements a number of changes that are meant to make the system perform better and use modern architectural components.

One of them is the JDBC driver, that is the piece of software that lets Queue Metrics access the database.

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The script searchesbetween contacts in the VTiger CRM, starting from the calling number, and opens the call detail record, if present on VTiger CRMdatabase, or preloads a new contact page with the calling party number. We provide a simple Java Servlet for XML-RPC testing with Queue Metrics.It comes in handy when practicing with the XML-RPC library becaus it allows you to see the exact output from the various XML-RPC requests sent to Queue Metrics while writing your custom reports.Let's say you want to see all calls that aren't marked with outcome 'sales'.This version of Java is not present in the Cent OS 5 upstream repositories and so Queue Metrics will complain that a required package is not present and a fully automated install is not possible.

In order to upgrade, you need to: Qloaderd monitor Yes, we provide a script (that can be run nightly) that will notify the sysadmin of the errors encountered in the Qloader's log file.JSON PBX actions - Version 1.0Yes, Queue Metrics also supports JSON requests.

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