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08-Jun-2017 02:34

Lewin’s lectures from Open Course Ware—thereby forcing the tens of thousands of students around the world who were watching these legendary lectures to hunt for ripped copies on Bit Torrent.

(Imagine that: physics lectures as prized contraband! Lewin as harshly as he deserves, but—as students have been pleading on Reddit, in the MIT Tech comments section, and elsewhere—don’t For those who are interested, while the comment section starts out with a discussion of whether Walter Lewin’s physics lectures should’ve been removed from OCW, it’s now broadened to include essentially all aspects of the human condition.

These people weren’t just not noticing each other, they weren’t even trying.

They weren’t even tuned in to the “hottie radar” frequency.

That is, assuming the latter has clothes on and isn’t performing a sexual act, of course.

3) Insulation From Real People In General For years it has been theorized that the advent of the Walkman back in the early ‘80s heralded the beginning of the end for common, face-to-face social interaction. Nowadays people are rapidly feeling less compelled to actually interact with people in person.

Walter Lewin, age 78—perhaps the most celebrated physics teacher in MIT’s history—has been stripped of his emeritus status and barred from campus, and all of his physics lectures removed from Open Course Ware, because an internal investigation found that he had been sexually harassing students online.

Perhaps the more interesting question is this: Have we actually gotten to the point where an image on our computer screen is a more potent stimulus than a real, live woman?We’ve all been to a corporate seminar that warned us as such.

The lesson is given using the Condor soaring simulator ( and LK8000 Tactical Flight Computer ( Tube] | 20180 views Air traffic control specialist Sarah Patten gives practical advice for pilots who are worried ATC will speak too quickly for comprehension.… continue reading »

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Il quarto episodio della terza stagione è ambientato in un programma sperimentale, chiamato San Junipero, che permette di trasferire le coscienze degli esseri umani in una realtà virtuale, del tutto simile a quella reale, per poter sopravvivere al proprio corpo.… continue reading »

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Religious broadcasters on Low Power FM's seem to be the one's taking advantage of this the most. The next came in from Roger Day: 'Ladies & Gentlemen: When you read the attached I expect you will think I wrote it.… continue reading »

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