Properties of self consolidating concrete for prestressed members

27-Jun-2017 05:31

The main reasons behind the popularity of Self Compacted Concrete are listed below (Figure 1).The remaining fresh and hardened properties are same as traditional concrete.Contrary to that, casting of SCC at the construction site was regarded with more reservation.The variable conditions at the construction site, the more complicated control of the mixture composition and disagreement with regard to the question how the properties should be measured at the site were retarding factors.Report that segregation has occurred and that the test was therefore unsatisfactory [7-11].

Segregated coarse aggregate may also be observed in the central area.

The result is an indication of the filling ability of self-compacting concrete.

The T500 time is also a measure of the speed of flow and hence the viscosity of the self-compacting concrete [5,6].

It has been observed that performance wise SCC is more capable than conventional concrete because of its fluidity.

This can reach all possible corners of form shutter, without giving any compaction efforts whereas in conventional concrete needs additional effort for its compaction [3,4].The V-funnel shall be made from metal; the surfaces shall be smooth, and not be readily attacked by cement paste or be liable to rusting.