Wpa2 psk validating identity

10-Aug-2017 04:31

It also uses a separate client and server certificate to validate the user and the wireless access point.Users that leave the organization will not be able to access the wireless network if their account has been disabled.Password strength is a critical factor in securing these networks.However, a complex password may not be as effective when it is used by too many individuals on too many devices.A user can find the pre-shared key stored in Windows just by going into the wireless configuration.This could also allow a hacker that has compromised the user's machine through a phishing attack to retrieve the key.If your organization is still using WEP, stop reading this article now and go fix your wireless.

It is possible to use authentication and encryption on a traditional wired network, but most organizations rely on physical security alone.Brute forcing an eight-character WPA2 key on three NVIDIA 980 GPUs would take almost 96 days, for example.An eight-character NT LAN Manager hash would take around two minutes and thirty seconds on the same system.The problem is that almost no one follows this practice because it is too time-consuming to reconfigure all of the necessary devices.

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Smaller organizations may be able to manage the process of changing WPA2-PSKs, but larger organizations will face significant hurdles.

It was still much improved over WEP, but it was just a stopgap solution made to run on existing hardware until WPA2 could be adopted.

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